Airofit training aids Caroline Wozniacki top the Kilimanjaro – Discovery Series

Wozniacki in US Open 2008

Caroline Wozniacki, her husband David Lee, and her immediate family star in the Discovery Channel Denmark’s new show “Klædt af mod toppen med familien Wozniacki” (“Undressed to the Top with the Wozniacki Family”). The end goal of the reality adventure show is to climb the Kilimanjaro as a family without any jacket or special gear.

Standing at almost 20.000 feet tall, the Kilimanjaro is the world’s largest mountain in the world. In their quest to get to the top, the Wozniacki’s will encounter bitter cold temperatures, lower oxygen levels, exhaustion, and pain.

It would be crazy to undergo this task without proper preparation. Three world-renowned endurance specialists train the Wozniacki family before they set foot on the mountain. Wim Hof, “The Ice Man”, teaches how to endure the cold, Discovery’s Superhuman Stig Severinsen shows how to feel comfortable, even when oxygen is scarce and Shaolin monk Shi Yan Ming prepares them for the pain that they will feel in their body.

The Wozniack’s also get to train with the Airofit. During the training sessions with freediver Stig Severinsen in the fourth week of the show, the nifty tool is used to train the vital lung capacity.

As training just for a few weeks with the Airofit can already result in more flexible lungs and an increase in vital lung capacity, the device plays an important role in accomplishing the main goal: reaching the top of the Kilimanjaro, together.

An increase in vital lung capacity is particularly useful for the Wozniacki’s in this expedition. As they go higher up the mountain, the atmospheric pressure drops to 50% of the sea level. Oxygen molecules in the air drift apart as there is less pressure to push them together. This results in fewer oxygen molecules in each inhalation of air. Using the Airofit trainer to increase the strength of the inhalation helps offset the reduction of oxygen in the air and stave off altitude sickness.

The Discovery Channel show premiered Thursday, August 13th on Denmark’s Channel 5 and Dplay.