Discovery’s breathtaking new adventure: Climbing the Kilimanjaro with Caroline Wozniacki

Wozniacki in US Open 2008

Discovery Channel Denmark has premiered a new adventure series this month, titled “Klædt af mod toppen med familien Wozniacki” (“Undressed to the Top with the Wozniacki Family”). Follow former world-class tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, her former NBA champion husband David Lee, and her immediate family prepares and take up the daunting task of climbing the Kilimanjaro, together, without outerwear or climbing aids.

In their quest to top the 19,341 ft. mountain, the Wozniacki’s are aided by three extreme sports and endurance experts, who help them prepare for the intense cold, high altitudes, and hazards that await them in Tanzania.

The Wozniacki’s conquer the bitter cold with Dutch extreme athlete and daredevil Wim Hof, learn how to thrive with limited oxygen, and master their breathing with Danish world-champion freediver Stig Severinsen and improve their focus and pain tolerance with Chinese Shaolin monk Shi Yan Ming.

The intense training course the family undergoes prior to climbing the mountain is a taste of what’s to come and on multiple occasions, the family has to come and work together to complete the trials set by the masters.

This is still only a small hurdle compared to climbing the mountain itself, where it becomes harder to breathe as altitude increases and the biting cold air fills the lungs and threatens to shut down the muscles and internal organs. 

Has the Wozniacki family learned how to control their breath to overcome altitude sickness and channel their inner fire to withstand the freezing temperatures?

The first episode of the reality TV-show on Denmark’s Channel 5 and Dplay on Thursday, August 13.